1. Morning rush hour at the trails.

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    Taguig City, Philippines

  2. When the going gets rough, the tough keep paddling! 

    2014 San Jose, Tarlac Philippines

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  3. What a week we had here in the Philippines. Hope everyone is safe and sound. The sun is out. So just give it a run. Cheska of Team BR!TE

    2014 Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte Philippines
  4. I made this image 4 years ago for the 2010 World Cup finals when I was rooting for Germany. I think Spain won that one. Got to use it again 4 years later! 

    2010 Fremont, CA

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  5. One good swim deserves another. Cheska of Team Brite

    2014 Dakak Beach, Zamboanga del Norte Philippines

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  6. Racer’s Paradise

    2014 Clark International Speedway, Pampanga, Philippines

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  7. You don’t have to ask permission to be great. I’m pretty sure she didn’t have to ask her mom and dad.  Shaia of the Philippine National Team

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  8. Remember the girl who gave up? No one does either. Keep on training!

    Cheska of Team BR!TE

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  9. She rides like a girl. Try to keep up!  Cheska of Team Brite

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  10. Honey of Team BRITE. School principal and triathlete. What’s your superpower?

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  11. Fit is not a destination. It’s a way of life.

    Team portrait of BRITE Team (Bike Run Triathlon Enthusiasts) of Dipolog City, Zamboanga Del Norte Philippines

    2014 Dipolog City, Philippines

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  12. Shot the opener for Town and Country’s June 2014 Men’s Issue. Got some help from fashion photographer Carmen Gotz. Check out her awesome work at www.carmengoetz.com.

    Shot on location at Heima My Apartment LRI Bldg, Makati City, Philippines

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  13. Woohoo! 5th time’s a charm. Now I need to update my Spurs collection.

  14. Rest in Peace Enzo Pastor.

    The senseless violence needs to stop. 

  15. My favorite alma mater won it’s quarterfinal game yesterday against FEU in the 2014 FilOil Flying V Cup yesterday at the San Juan Arena. La Salle moves on to the semis this Friday against Southwestern U.

    Highlight of the game was the performance of Archer Thomas Torres who scored 23 points with 5/5 three pointers in the 3rd quarter.

    More photos at www.rektikano.net

    2014 San Juan City, Philippines

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