1. I love Bugs!  

    Photographed an artist who’s also an avid VW bug collector last week. Went back into the archives to look for some VW pics. I couldn’t find pics of my old bug but here’s one of my favorites- a happy family in a happy car! 

    Happy Easter! 

    2010 4th and Mission, San Francisco, CA

    © www.jinggomontenejo.com

  2. When a door closes, a window opens, even if it’s a small one. It allows you to check what’s inside before going in. 

    2013 Alhambra, Spain


  3. Some days go faster than others

    Rode with my friend Chris to the Clark Speedway today to scout the place before shooting the Asian V8 Championships and Circuit Showdown happening this weekend, April 5 and 6. Chris also needed some track time to practice before the event. 

    No other way to get there but to ride in a 2014 Toyota 86. When he told me he had a Toyota 86, I wasn’t sure what it was. I thought it was an 1986 model of some Toyota. That’s how out of touch I am now with cars. Anyway, the 86 is a 200hp sports coupe that’s basically a rebranded Subaru BRZ, in the US it’s a Scion FR-S. 

    The best part of the day was getting on the track and trying to get to 200km/h. But with the AC on and another passenger (me!) in the car, Chris got to only 170km/h. Oh well.

    After the 86, Chris then took his modified Honda Civic with an Integra engine for a couple of laps around the track. Going as much as 180km/h on the straightaway. Managed to shoot some of those as well as some bad ass late model Nascar cars which are also competing this weekend.

    It’s more fun in the Philippines! 

    2014 Clark Speedway, Pampanga Philippines


  4. Preview

    Catching up on my posts! Did a beauty editorial for Preview’s redesigned March 2014 issue. This was a fun shoot! 

    Check out the BTS shots on how the fruits, veggies and all the other stuff were plastered all over model, Haily Kim.

    Produced by Belle Rodolfo | Art Direction by Eugene David | Make-up by Anthea Bueno | Sitting Editor : Agoo Bengzon

    Assisted by Andy Sanguir

    Nikon D3X with 70-200mm VRII, ISO 100, 1/160, f9.0

    2014 Pasig City, Philippines

    ©www.jinggomontenejo.com for Preview Magazine

  5. Shooting Products

    I love shooting products as much as portraits. Each has its own challenges. For styled layouts, the placement of each item becomes critical as composition and balance of image helps the viewer’s eye  move around the photo. Lighting the whole scene is also equally important as we have to make sure that the light hits all the elements in the set.

    You can see from the BTS shots how I lit these images. Just one light and an overhead umbrella to soften the sunlight and a reflector on the other side to bounce light back to the side farthest from the light source.

    Shot these set of images for Town and Country’s February 2014 issue. Sometimes one gets lucky and gets a double truck printed.

    Shot with a Nikon D3X and a Nikon 45mm PC-E lens

    ISO 100, 1/125, f5.6

    Styled by Carol Cuasay-Tagle | Boizei Malicdem | Manica Tiglao | Marichu Garra | Alicia Colby-Sy | Assisted and BTS Shots by Andy Sanguir 

    2014 Pasig City, Philippines

    ©www.jinggomontenejo.com for Town and Country


  6. Power Serve


    De La Salle University Lady Spiker Desiree Cheng dishes a power serve against Ateneo de Manila University at last night’s game 2 of the 76th UAAP Women’s volleyball championship.  La Salle won game 2 to force a final match this Wednesday.

    Game photos at rektikano.net

    Nikon D7100, 70-200mm 2.8 VRII

    2014 Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City Philippines

    ©www.jinggomontenejo.com  for www.Rektikano.net


  7. 2014 Miniloc Island, El Nido Palawan Philippines

    © www.jinggomontenejo.com

  8. Just Before Sunrise 

    Nikon D7100, 16-36mm F4, 30secs, f4.5, ISO100

    2014 Miniloc Island, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines


  9. To see the world…

    Spent one of the best hours of my life last weekend kayaking from the Miniloc El Nido Resort to the Big Lagoon. 

    Started the day at 5:30AM, met my guide Dodong so we could have an early start. We had to go through some rough waters that morning and weave around the shallow portions of the bay since the waves were quite big and there was risk of capsizing. I can swim but I didn’t want my camera taking a dip with me, so taking the longer route was the only option.

    We paddled for about 20 minutes and as we entered the big rocks guarding the big lagoon, the waters turned still and all you could hear were chirping birds and the rustle of the foliage on the limestone walls from the amihan winds.

    It was almost a surreal experience. Something that photographs and video can never capture. This is something I’ll always remember.

    Shot above was taken as we were heading back outside of the lagoon.

    Nikon D7100, 16-35mm F4

    2014 Miniloc Island, Palawan Philippines

    © www.jinggomontenejo.com

  10. Not quite a full moon, but it was still an impressive sight last night.

    Nikon D7100

    Nikon 200-400mm with 1.4TC

    ISO 100, f10, 1/200

    2014 Quezon City, Philippines


  11. Team photo on the track in Manila by Shell Eco-marathon on Flickr.

    Recently finished covering the Shell Eco Marathon Asia 2014 for AP. What an amazing experience working for one of the worlds biggest wire agency and Shell. The event ran for 4 days and had students from Asian universities competing for the most fuel efficient vehicle. Check out the flickr page for more photos. My photos showed up on the AP wire as well as Shell’s website.

    2014 Manila, Philipppines
    Jinggo Montenejo /AP Images for Shell

  12. Tech Talk Tuesday

    I’ve been using Pocket Wizard Plus IIs and pc-sync cables to trigger off-camera lights for sometime now. But I recently re-discovered the magic of TTL metering with off-camera flash. I had some experience with Radio Poppers and also with Canon’s wireless flash TTL module several years ago. Though not perfect, I enjoyed using those and not having to fiddle around with the flash power. Since switching to Nikon I have used their SU-800 unit but have only been successful in using this indoors and never outdoors. The SB800 flash and SU800 never liked to play together in bright sun.

    I recently picked up a Nikon SB910 and using it with the SU-800  is awesome!  The IR signal from the SU-800 unit to the SB910 is much better than my SB-800 when used outdoors even in bright sun. The only caveat here is you still need line of sight between the SB-910’s IR receiver and the SU-800 transmitter. But this connection appears to work well even in direct sun.

    Image above was my first attempt at using the SB-910/SU-800 combo. The SB-910’s flash head was inside a small soft box so I added a +.3 compensation and placed it camera left. Perfect exposure each time I triggered the flash. You’ll notice, subject is backlit with the sun directly at me and the SU-800. Normally, shots like these would leave you with a severely underexposed subject. 

    The biggest advantage of off-camera flash with TTL metering is the ability to keep the aperture wide open and use a shutter speed higher than your camera’s sync speed, this is typically 1/250 sec or lower. So with TTL flash you can easily shoot at 1/1000 or higher. No need for ND filters. No “f8 and be there” settings. The high shutter speed helps you control the ambient light.

    With a wide aperture you also get a nice separation of the subject from the background, almost making it look like a composite drop out.  


    ISO: 160

    Aperture: f2.8 (I could’ve shot with 1.4 but figured I could use a little more  sharpness and DOF)

    Shutter : 1/6400 

    Gear: Nikon D3X with 85mm 1.4G SU-800 to trigger SB910 camera left. The Nikon SB-910 was powered by a Calumet external battery pack.

    2014 Flametree Place, Quezon City Philippines


  13. HK Street Scenes

    My second time in HK and I’m beginning to like this place. Love the rawness and the cosmopolitan vibe. Reminds me of San Francisco but with a lot more grit and it’s only a 2 hour plane ride from home.

    Nikon D7100, 35mm f2

    2014 Hong Kong, PRC

    © www.jinggomontenejo.com

  14. Capital Cities

    2014 Ayala Trinoma Mall, Quezon City, Philippines

    Nikon D7100, 85mm 1.4G


  15. The Eye

    Came home late from a long shoot and saw this huge halo around the moon. Already had my camera equipment with me and just quickly ran in to get my 16-35mm. I used a fairly long exposure since I wanted the clouds to “creep” across the moon.

    This reminds of the “eye” in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Creepy.

    Nikon D3X, Nikon 16-35mm f4

    f11, 1/119 secs, ISO 100, 16mm, 3650K, tripod with cable release

    2014 Quezon City, Philippines